Tuesday, December 13, 2005

G4T #21: Malaysia, China and Tourism

This is a Geography for Travelers Podcast related postThis time period between the Fall and Spring semesters will mostly focus on my travels and perhaps some other miscellaneous items. This week's podcast is a follow-up to my recent trip to Malaysia (see last week's posting). The big tourism-related issue in Malaysia these days surrounds accusations of mistreatment of Chinese visitors to Malaysia. Listen to the podcast for details.

FYI - The online classes that I will be teaching next semester (starting mid-January) at Northern Arizona University include:
* GGR 376 - (World) Regional Geography of Travel and Tourism
* PL 376 - Planning for Sustainable Tourism
* GGR 576 - Geography of Tourism and Recreation (graduate seminar)
* PL 599 - Tourism and Community Planning (graduate class)
-- More information on these classes (except the last one) can be found on my university homepage at: http://www.geog.nau.edu/~alew/
-- Registration information can be found at the NAU Distance Learning website: http://www.distance.nau.edu/?MAINNAU

Here are links to items mentioned in the podcast:

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* Chris Doelle - Riding with the Window Down podcast

Some articles about Chinese tourism to Malaysia

* Trailing badly in bid for Chinese tourists (The Star, 2 Oct 2005)
* Malaysia cracks down on illegal Chinese immigrants (Malaysia Today, 23 Nov 2005)
* Malaysia to ease visa policy for China through online initiative (Travel Wire News)
* Click Below to see the latest news items related to this issue though Yahoo!