Wednesday, May 24, 2006

E-Conference: The Role of Development Communication in Sustainable Tourism (29May - 9June 2006)

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This is the third e-conference that the World Congress on Communication and Development has put on. It is really nothing more than a disussion board that is divided into a selected number of topics (listed below). This actually makes if very easy to use, and there is no fee to participage.

The two previous e-conferences did not have a lot of participation, perhaps they will do better with the sustainable tourism topic if readers of this blog participate. Could be fun!

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The following description of the conference come from this website.

Objectives of the e-conference: to bring together development practitioners, tourism professionals, decision-makers, academicians and communication specialists representing various national institutions, private sector and media organizations, NGOs, international institutions and donors active in the field of communication and sustainable tourism to:

  • share their experiences, information and perspectives;
  • consolidate knowledge on development communication in sustainable tourism programs;
  • discuss the role that communication can play in designing and implementing sustainable tourism strategies and projects at national and local level;
  • identify and share lessons learned and best practices.

The E-Conference consists of five concurrent sessions:

  1. The role of communication in planning and implementing sustainable tourism policies and strategies
  2. Communication and local communities in tourism development
  3. The role of communication in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in Sustainable Tourism Development
  4. The role of communication in linking sustainable tourism products to markets
  5. Interpreting tourism destinations and orienting visitors

For more information, please download the Concept Note.