Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Web 2.0 Travel Tools for Geographers

One of my other blogs is Web 2.0 Travel Tools, which I think most readers of this blog will find of interest. There are often times when I am not sure whether to post something on that blog or here. Well, over time, this blog has become almost exclusively for items related to my two podcasts. However, I do want to mention a few items from Web 2.0 Travel Tools that are especially geographical in nature... - is a webtool that I discuss that allows you to easily show your Flickr photos on a Google Map on your blog or web page. The paid version ($9.75/year) also allows you to create route lines on your map.
- is a website where you can post the GPS route data for a hike, bike ride, or other short distance trip -- and then link photos to specific locations on that route. (Where Are You Now?) - is a website where people post their locations around the world and in town so their friends can find them to meet up. You can update your WAYN information by an SMS text message.

Fresh Logic Atlas - a very cool Ajax-like atlas, mostly useful for city information.

If these sound interesting, click on the links to go to my full discussion of each. And go to to see the entire web blog.