Friday, December 28, 2007

G4T/TGPod #61: Utterz from Northern Finland and Sweden

This is a Geography for Travelers Podcast related post This is a Geography for Travelers Podcast related post (click on the title above to download the .mp3 file)

Travel Geography Podcast #61

The December Travel Geography Podcast is a compilation of mini podcasts that I posted during my trip to Finland and Sweden. The trip was from November 28 to December 10. is a free podcasting service on which you can post unlimited mini-podcasts -- sort of like an audio Twitter. The Utterz episodes that I have have compiled here include:
  1. My first impressions of being in a place with only 4 hours of sunlite
  2. A noon time walk on the University of Oulu campus to find the sun
  3. Report on our post-conference field trip to Santa Claus Land at the Arctic Circle and to the World Cup Ski competition at the Ruka Ski Resort near the Russian border
  4. A report on my job as a Ph.D. "Opponent" and the party that followed
  5. Some thoughts while in transit back to the US, and my jetlag after returning to Arizona, and
  6. A weather report update and news story about a new tourist attraction in Sweden
The sun never get very high above the horizon. Above is about 1 pm.

Me, standing on the Arctic Circle line in the Santa Claus Land shopping mall in Finland.

World Cup Ski Jump competition at the Ruka Ski Resort in Finland.

Wild (?) reindeer on a snow-packed road in Finland.

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