Friday, May 23, 2008

TGPodcast #63: Dubai World Tourism Conference in 15 Minutes

This is a Geography for Travelers Podcast related post This is a Travel Geography Podcast related post (click on the title above to download the .mp3 file)

This is a soundseeing (sst) tour from the World Travel and Tourism Council Summit in Dubai (20-22 April 2008) that I attended. It includes three elements:
  1. About 5 minutes from an Intro to Dubai city tour,
  2. A short and interesting segment of a presentation from the conference, and
  3. A segment of the Gala Dinner, which closes with my visit to a fortune teller (entertainment for the dinner guests).
The whole presentation is about 20 minutes due to my introduction section. The actual Dubai part is 14 minutes.


The conference site was adjacent to the Burj Al Arab (literally, 'the Arab Tower') - the self-described 7-Star Hotel, with daily rates running US$1,200 to $12,000 a night.

The Dental Spa - near the area where the tour guide talks about houses owned by Emerati that are rented out to expatriate workers.

Fortune telling, henna, and Arabic calligraphy were some of the entertainment for guests at the conference's Gala Dinner.

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