Saturday, August 23, 2008

Travelography #123: Will the Next President Support Travel?

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Stories discussed in this podcast are from the Travelography Twitter Blog for the week of 19 August 2008. This podcast is also available at and

  • Tourism ads pressure White House hopefuls

    "Democrats, We'll be Watching." A small box of text calls on presumptive Democratic candidate Barack Obama to outline plans addressing everything from "unnecessary waiting lines at airports" to "marketing the U.S. as a premier destination."

  • United pilots tell CEO to Stop Nickel and Diming Their Passengers

    The airline claims that rising fuel costs require these changes, although the real reason may be to enable the airline to further reduce flight attendant staffing, which would make onboard service noticeably worse.

  • Wildlife tourism with kangaroos

    Our aim is to be the flagship of a ‘See Australia’ promotion based around wildlife tourism with the marvellous mob of marsupials - the kangaroos and their kind. Through partnerships with conservation agencies, tourism organisations, operators and ...