Thursday, September 03, 2009

Travelography #154: Tourism is the New Flat

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Stories discussed in this podcast are from the Travelography Twitter Blog for the week of 26 August to 3 September 2009. This podcast is available at, and

Travel is Growing Again!

“flat is the new up.” By that definition, and taking into consideration the trends and data discussed below, the good news is that U.S. Travel is growing again! Yes, this is a bullish view on our sector, but even if it’s premature, who couldn’t use good news?

Southwest Airlines adds charge to board sooner

... for an extra $10 each way Southwest passengers can automatically reserve a boarding position prior to general check-in. That would allow those customers to begin boarding the plane after certain elite fliers, who don't have to pay add-on fees for early boarding privileges. Unlike other carriers, Southwest does not offer assigned seating.