Monday, February 13, 2006

G4T #26: Travel & Tourism Numbers and Jetlag News

This is a Geography for Travelers podcast related post(Click on the link above to download the mp3 file)

News items include a new Jetlag advisor website (link below) and a discussion of Turin/Torino, Italy where the Winter Olympic Games just opened last week. I then focus the on tourist arrival and expenditure numbers and impacts, first at the global scale and then at the local scale. [Show Length = 17min, 36sec]

Links to websited related to this week's podcast:

Scots scientist sheds light on problem of jet-lag misery

Winter Olympics boost Turin tourism

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Tourism Talking Points: Economic Impact of Travel & Tourism (TIA)

Office of Travel & Tourism Industries' Information on Inbound Travel to the U.S. (TIA)

WTO Tourism Highlights, Edition 2005


Scott Ahlsmith of the Road Less Traveled Podcast and Blog describes his Jetlag Diet in a short, 3 minute podcast. The goal is to each a high protein meal on the day of your arrival at the destination. From that, you work your way backwards so that the day prior to the breakfast is a high carbohydrate day and the day before that is a high protein day. You do that for two more days, which means you start this diet 4 days prior to your departure. (In summary: Protein Day, Carb Day, Protein Day, Carb Day, Protein Breakfast at arrival place.)