Sunday, September 11, 2005

G4T #7: Leisure and Tourism

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Today's podcast focused on some general definitions of leisure, and how these give us some insight into the tourist experience. In addition to what I mentioned in the podcast, I wanted to point out that religion is often considered a leisure-form of activity. This is, I think, directly related to the definition of leisure as a state of mind. Furthermore, there is a concept that has gained in popularity in recent years known as work, or volunteer, tourism. It is also know as working holidays, or working vacations. Last year I had students in my class examine web sites that promoted working vacations, and then answer some questions about them. Would you want to go on a working vacation? Isn't that an oxymoron?

Well, I think I have finally hit my stride with this podcast thing. My daughter commented, after listening to my last podcast, that I had a problem with the S sound. My S's tended to be quite loud and a bit annoying. So this evening I played around for a couple of hours with my microphone in different locations, and with different ways of editing my podcast files, to see if I could reduce the S sound. I think I did manage to do that by moving my microphone to a certain location. On the other hand, I have an implant that replaced a tooth and I had damaged when I was in the third grade, playing kickball. That implant is right in front of my mouth, and is larger than my regular teeth, causing me to have a bit of a lisp, especially with the letter S. Anyway, I think today's podcast went very well, and I don't think it will be such an annoyance in the future.


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This podcast was edited, renamed and reposted on 25 Sept 2006