Sunday, September 25, 2005

G4T #9:Travel and Tourism Statistics

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In this week's podcast I discuss international travel arrivals statistics, including which countries get the most visitors and just how trustworthy such statistics are. I also mention a few news items related to geography and travel.

There is some microphone noise for about 10 minutes of this 25 minute podcast -- my apolgies. I finally figured out how to place my microphone to minimize the an excessive 's' noise when I speak. I pushed the mict down below might chin (this is a headset side mic). However, that position tends to get rubbed up against my shirt collar which, I believe, caused the intrusive noise in the podcast. Next week I will reach number 10 in my podcast he life, which some say is the magic number for getting this medium down. No promises, but hopefully that will work for me as well!

Here are the web sites that I mentioned in today's podcast: - Travel and Transportation
- Travel Statistics: Most-visited countries, U.S. states, and U.S. cities;top destinations for American travelers, and more
- Travel Resources: Travel warnings, tipping, passport and customs info, state tourism offices, and other resources for travelers
- ( - World Atlas - not mentioned, but worth visiting)

Travel News Wire:
- Exec says Las Vegas's tourism model should be emulated elsewhere
- Singapore tourism figures see a 20% boost, but minister warns of increasing global competition
- Billions drop off tourism forecast
- Lonely Planet - Hot Spots: LP Staffers' Top Destinations for 2005

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