Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Very Spatial Podcast

This is a Travel Geographer Blog only post

I received an e-mail from Jesse at introducing himself and his web site/blog/podcast on all things geography. He has a great web site and does an outstanding job with his co-anchor Sue in presenting news and other topics of geographical interest in a half hour weekly rss feed. It is all a bit more sophisticated than what I'm doing, and I think that's great. They tend to focus more on GIS and mapping technology aspects of geography, though they acknowledge the broader areas of interest among geographers, and hope to bring some of those other aspects to the show, as well. I wish them all the best and encourage my students and other listeners to check them out.

If anyone knows of other geography and travel podcast that are particularly interesting and insightful, let me know what I will share them on these pages and in my weekly podcast.