Monday, November 14, 2005

G4T #17: Travel and Tourism In China

This is a Geography for Travelers Podcast related postThis week's podcast is focused exclusively on China, including all of the news items, and a discussion of the history of the Great Wall of China. [Click on the title above to download the podcast mp3 file.]

Special Thanks to Tek at the 3Minutes in Shanghai podcast, whose podcast on the China National Day 2005 "Golden Week" is included at the end of my podcast (it takes up the last 4 minutes of this week's 33 minute podcast).

Here are links to items mentioned on today's podcast:

* Satellite data reveals Beijing as air pollution capital of world - Guardian Unlimited,12188,1605147,00.html
* China's building boom becomes a frenzy - International Herald Tribune (New York Times)
* China sees substantial increment in its tourism industry during National Day holidays - Travel News Wire
* China witnesses surge in tourism revnue, officials says - Travel News Wire
* Chinese airlines eye nonstop flights between China and Las Vegas - Travel News Wire
* Firm expects outbound Chinese tourists to top 115m - Travel News Wire
* Shanghai Living - photo archive for photographer Hu Yang;jsessionid=418B9141949D5C13447A8014441C570D