Monday, January 23, 2006

G4T #23: Sustainable Tourism Planning

This is a Geography for Travelers podcast related post(click on title to download podcast)

I am back into a weekly schedule now.

The focus of my podcasts for the coming months will be on Sustainable Tourism Planning. Today's podcast is an introduction to the basic concepts of "Sustainability," "Tourism," and "Planning."

News items include the impacts of terrorism on UK residents' travel plans, tourism impacts of the drought in East Africa, and Bigfoot sightings in Malaysia. (The podcast is 16min 30secs long.)

Here are links to today's stories:

* Fear of Terrorism Drives Britons to Choose Holidays Closer to Home in 2006, Finds New Survey
* Poll shows Londoners feel safer and support cultural diversity
* Severe drought threatens East African tourism
* 'Bigfoot' Excitement Mounts in Malaysia
* Johor Tourism waits for windfall from international interest in 'bigfoot'