Monday, January 09, 2006

G4T #22: The Year That Was - Travel & Tourism in 2005

This is a Geography for Travelers podcast related post(click on title to download podcast)

This week's podcast (19 min, 55 sec long) covers a variety of topics as I ramble my way through the close of the Winter Holidays and the start of the next semester. (Click on the title above to download the MP3 file). I mentioned in the podcast that I am still on Winter Break, though that is not exactly correct. Faculty (professors) are officially back at work today, while classes do not start until next Tuesday (Jan 17th). As I also mentioned in the podcast, I have been working many hours a day for over a week now to get my classes ready for the start of the semester, so I have already been easing my way back into the swing of things. Meetings starting tomorrow will further that transition along.

The more serious theme of this week's podcast is a rather quick overview of some of the top travel news and trends in 2005. I rely on Ed Hewitt's list (, though it is highly US-centric. He goes into it in a lot more depth on his website (link below). I am actually borrowing heavily from my new Travelography podcast at In fact, I close this podcast with a preview of my forthcoming (on Jan 12th) Travelography podcast on tourism and terrorism last year.

I also mention an email question about the best atlas for travel planning. I will post a separate blog about that.

Cheers - Alan

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