Sunday, January 29, 2006

G4T #24: Tourism Issues in Developing Economies

This is a Geography for Travelers podcast related post(click on title to download podcast)

I discuss several travel news items, including winter-time topics of China's Ice Restaurant and Airboarding, the Visited Countries website (which I dicussed in a previouse blog entry) the US Senate declaration of 2006 being the Year of Study Abroad (and some of the reasons), and efforts to stop Sex Tourism in Southeast Asia and in the US. The sex tourism provides a transition to my main topic -- Issues of Tourism Development in developing economies, in which I focus on on modernization.

Here are links to topcs in today's podcast:

* China's All-Ice Restaurant Offers Hottest Meals
* The ultimate in sledding (Airborading)
* 2006 'Year of Study Abroad'
* Visited Countries (and States)
Click here to go to my previous blog entry on this
ASEAN member states agree to stamp out child sex tourism
Washington lawmakers want to ban overseas sex tours