Thursday, March 29, 2007

G4T #51: Tourism at the Geographers Big Meeting in San Francisco

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In today's podcast I give an overview of the 115 (updated number) tourism-related presentations that will be part of the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, 17-21 April 2007, in San Francisco.
(25min, 27 sec - Creative Commons Copyright: non-commercial, attribution, share-alike)

- from the preliminary program of the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, 17-21 April 2007

  1. Regional Development Through Tourism in the Republic of Georgia
  2. Viewing Historical Sites through the Gaze of the "Other"
  3. Locating Queer Key West: Between the Closet, the Resort, and the Bridge
  4. Moose head guaranteed: 'Indian' guides, white tourists, and the politics of race and nature in Temagami, Ontario
  5. The Impact of Nature Tourism on Biodiversity Change in the Russian Federation
  6. An Economic Analysis of Florida Beach Tourism
  7. Commerce and Cruises: a comparative study of Caribbean waterfront transformations
  8. Out of Globalizing Taipei: Cultural Imagination, Local Identity, and the Case of The Festival of Austronesian Cultures in Taitung
  9. Just wasting away on vacation: using environmental justice theory to frame ecotourism-related waste management crises
  10. Fish, Floatboats and Feds: "Directions and disparities in policy surrounding the Endangered Species Act and listed Snake River Chinook salmon on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area."
  11. The Visual Landscape in British West Indies Travel Narratives, 1815-1914
  12. Local effects of ecotourism: a case study of the Nono-Mindo Road in Ecuador
  13. Spillover Effects of Recreation-Led Growth in Rural America
  14. Are We "Natural" Enough? The Ecological Tourism and Social Development in Taroko National Park Area and San-Chan Tribe, Taiwan
  15. Au Bon Endroit: surrealism, creative play and passion
  16. Accommodating Green?: Overcoming Barriers to Sustainability in China's Tourism Industry.
  17. Do we really need more tourism in Jamaica? Exploring the highs and lows of merging tourism with agriculture in the bid to create alternative livelihoods
  18. Management of Protected Areas in Mexico
  19. Seeking Shangri-La: Domestic Tourism in Yunnan, China
  20. Weaving stories in Taiwan: Japanese colonialism and Atayal culture
  21. Spacial Patterns of Touring Circuses Within Europe
  22. Spring Mill Pioneer Village as Symbolic Landscape
  23. Developing a fall foliage observation route through New England during peak season
  24. The Battle of Richmond Re-enactment: An Examination of an Emerging Living History tourist destination in Madison Co., Kentucky
  25. Environmentalism in Jiangxi's Tourism Development
  26. Do we need them Clustered? Competition, Cooperation and Innovation between Tourist attractions
  27. Landscapes of Silk Road Tourism: on the Road to Samarkand
  28. Delivering urban renaissance through the revitalization of ethnic neighborhoods as places of leisure and consumption
  29. The Largest Industry! Myths and Realities about the Tourist Industry
  30. Tracing Irish Ancestors within Diverse Tourism Spaces: A Proactive Approach to Developing New Models of Genealogical Tourism Promotion and Management
  31. Gender of Work: A regional study of employees' perceptions of ecotourism jobs
  32. Developing America's Playgrounds: National Parks and the Evolving Vision of Outdoor Recreation 1916-1939
  33. Many homes for tourism: engaging with embodied spaces and virtual places within second home mobilities
  34. On Surfari: Surf Tourism Flows from California
  35. Competing carrying capacities and sustainabilities: Setting the limits of growth in tourism
  36. Spatial Analysis of Tourism versus Mining in Yunnan, China: Comparing economic and environmental impacts
  37. The Shophouse Hotel: Vernacular Heritage in Creative Singapore
  38. Good-bye Humboldt, welcome McKinsey - Tourism and Leisure Geography in Germany in the context of current educational policy changes and the complex challenge of globalised educational structures
  39. Forging New Linkages in a Changing Global Economy? The Case of Cooperatives and their Link with the Negril Tourism Industry, Jamaica.
  40. Displacing Destinations, Becoming Tourists
  41. An Evaluation of the Potential and Limitations of Ecotourism as a Vehicle for Conservation and Sustainable Development in India
  42. A Defense Against Tourism: The formation of a cooperative system in Smangus, Taiwan
  43. Authentic Spaces of Bicycle Tourism
  44. Setting the Stage: Guanajuato's Historic Center
  45. Ecotourism in Protected Areas: The Case of Kakum National Park in Ghana
  46. Canada's emerging wine culture and conflicts in the new countryside
  47. Is domestic tourism a domestic phenomenon? Development, the state, and global connections in the mountains of Western Sichuan, China.
  48. "Going Global: Ecotourism and globalization in the Niti Valley, Garhwal Himalaya, India"
  49. Actor-Oriented Management of Protected Areas and Tourism in Mexico
  50. Tourism in Austria - Growing Tourism Centers and Suffering Peripheries
  51. Welcome to Paradise! Domestic Tourism and the Myth of the Frontier in China
  52. Returning the Gaze: Exploring the Possibility for a Dialogical Tourism
  53. Myths of Beirut: The Politics of History and the Seeds of Memory
  54. Organics-Aesthetics: Authenticity as a Regional Development Instrument
  55. Image, Advertising and Medical Tourism in India
  56. Boating on the Sea of Grass: Western Development, Tourism, Resistance, and Local Empowerment
  57. Eyes Wide Open: Post-Jacobean Infrastructure Projects
  58. Constructing Alterity? The Walt Disney Company and urban landscapes in the Paris Basin
  59. The Geography of Medical Tourism
  60. Tourism in China—an industry undertaking capitalism and individualism
  61. Baltoro glacier - a victim of high mountain mass-tourism?
  62. Black Rocks and the Big Bend - Energy Production, Wilderness, and Development on the U.S.-Mexican Border
  63. Sustainable tourism on commonages as an alternative to traditional agricultural-based land reform in Namaqualand, South Africa
  64. Mountain Shepherds Inaugural Women's Trek: Evaluation of a community initiated and operated tourism project in the Uttarakhand Himalayas
  65. Conserving tropical rainforest: a role for ecological education?
  66. Driven to the margins: neoliberalism, taxi drivers, and tourism in the Caribbean
  67. An Interactive Information System as a Tourism Marketing Tool - The Example of Two Austrian Communities
  68. Cruise Ships and Regional Development in Coastal Alaska: A Political Ecology Approach
  69. D-Day Tourism: Sites and Paths of Memory
  70. "Gay Camp": Analysis of Outdoor Recreation in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Culture and the Economic Impacts in the Ozarks.
  71. Journey to the west: tourist traps, Tibet and the independent tourist in contemporary China
  72. Neighborhood Revitalization in the Historic District of San Felipe de Neri, Panama
  73. Safari Tourism, Technology, and Local Resistance: The Socio-ecological Significance of CB Radios and Mini-vans in an East African Park
  74. Reconstructing Disaster Areas through Development Aid: The case of Phang Nga, Thailand
  75. Community-based ecotourism in Ghana
  76. "Get Back to Where You Once Belonged": Okinawa's Pursuit of Increased Substate Autonomy through Return-Visit Tourism
  77. Commodity Chains and the Mobility Turn in Tourism
  78. Tourism and the Mormon Culture Region Periphery: Heritage Tourism and the LDS Colonies of Mexico
  79. Nature based tourism - some economic linkages revisited
  80. Destinations and places seen as part of an innovation system
  81. The relevance or irrelevance of environmental ethics? Do they matter in tourism
  82. Reviving Tourism in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India: a Challenge for the Crisis and Disaster Management Planners
  83. Tourism development in the national periphery: Discourses of the Finnish-Russian border in the process of region-building
  84. Isoepa: Polynesian Heritage Site in the Utah Desert
  85. Integrating GIS with Database Systems to Identify and Analyze Feeder Market Places of Second-Home Based Tourism
  86. The Early Development of Cover Design of Foldout-Maps
  87. Consumption of Place: Exploring the Sociospatial Implications of the Coffee Trail and Agrotourism in North Central Nicaragua
  88. The New Space Tourism: The Privatization of Space Travel
  89. Environmental Regionalism as Discipline: The Northern Forest of New England and New York
  90. Processes and tendencies of the residential tourism in the Balearic Islands (Spain): ¿ Immigrants of luxury or tourists of long stay?
  91. Medical tourism in India; who benefits and who pays
  92. Tourism and Recreation in the Emirate of Dubai
  93. Gendered Aspects of Ecotourism
  94. Representations of Waikiki: An analysis of tourism through hotel brochures
  95. The Marketable Identities of Major American Cities
  96. Tourism and Portering Labour in Shimshal, Northern Areas, Pakistan
  97. 'Workers' paradise' or entrepreneur's dream? Communist heritage tourism in Nowa Huta, Poland
  98. Where you want to go to get away from it all: Theoretical Models of Cruise Tourist Behavior
  99. Economic and Ecological Factors Influencing Tourism Operations in Southern Africa's KAZA Region
  100. Introducing National Park Reserves into Rural Tourism Industries: Assessing the potentials for integrated, sustainable tourism in the South Okanagan and Lower Similkameen areas, British Columbia, Canada.
  101. A New Map to Promote Tourism in Virginia's Wine Region
  102. Island Ecotourism - Iriomote Island Case Studies
  103. WE Riders of Oakland: Urban Geography as Performance Art
  104. Staying Afloat: State agencies, local communities, and international involvement in marine protected area management in Zanzibar, Tanzania
  105. "Tubin and Groovin along a Texas River: Contested Spaces and Conflict over the Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas"
  106. International Involvement in Tourism Development in a Peripheral Region: Lessons from Ghana
  107. Web 2.0 Virtual Travel-escapes
  108. Evaluating tourism geographies in the United Kingdom: will moving the goal posts make any difference?
  109. Cartography, GIS, and Teaching the Geography of Wine
  110. Tourism Geographies: a Renaissance in the 21st Century
  111. Identity Shift in a Post-Military Society: A Case Study of Quemoy
  112. Much Ado About Nothing: A Geographical Analysis of Industrial Clusters
  113. Tourism, power, culture and the creative industries in the core's periphery
  114. Tourism User Fees: A Tool for Protected Area Management
  115. Development of Tourist Information System Based on 3-D Satellite Image Maps

Monday, March 26, 2007

Travelography #67: Grand Canyon Skywalk Opens + Open Skies over the Atlantic

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Just two news stories today. The Grand Canyon Skywalk opened last week, though the ticket price is as steep as the canyon cliffs. And Europe finally approves an open sky agreement with the US, promising more flights, cheaper fares, and more jobs for both sides of the Atlantic.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Travelography #66: Toxic Tours, Transplant Tours, and Web 2.0 Video Travel

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A couple of Dark Tourism stories today: the "Toxic Tour" in Los Angeles is free and growing in popularity; and China works to end organ transplant tourism. Then I discuss a couple of Web 2.0 Travel Sites from Emily Chang's eHub site: and And related to this, the giant travel review site, is starting to experiment with user videos.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Travelography #65: Oasis Air Deals, MySpace Break, Voluntourism + Food Tours

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Hong Kong's Oasis Air will start trans-Pacific budget flights this summer. is hosting Spring Break parties in FL and TX. Volunteer tourism is boosting the economies of coastal Louisiana and Mississippi. And Food Tourism is emerging as one the hottest new niche travel markets.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Travelography #64: Thailand, Tanzania, Las Vegas, Cuba, and PCNTravel

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Terrorism and crime hits tourist destinations in Thailand and Tanzania. Las Vegas had a record year in tourist arrivals in 2006, and expects more growth in 2007. US citizens may soon be vacationing in Cuba. Virginia offers customized song to promote its music road. And checkout "PCNTravel" on